Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the room be out of action?

You must allow at least a day – with several days for larger rooms in large properties. Patience is a virtue: the stains and sealants need time to dry and bond to the floor surface, so it’s foolish to use the floor before it’s ready.

How much will it cost?

So many variables.. The type of floor, its size, its current condition, its previous treatment…

And then there are your personal desires: the finish you want – and the use you are going to subject it to.

How much wear do you anticipate? Do you have children? Pets? Will it be a showpiece or subject to everyday hard wear?

It’s possible to restore a wooden floor on the cheap – but, as in most things in life, you get what you pay for. Spend a little for a better job – and get the peace of mind from knowing that your floor will last for many years.

We can help you budget by a personal visit and free assessment.
By seeing your floor in person, we can answer all your questions and give you the restoration package you need.

We have broken down every step in the floor sanding and restoration process and offer fixed rates for these. The job can be adjusted to fit your project. You’ll receive a fixed quote when we have assessed the floor – so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying.

My floor is in a terrible state? Will I need a new one?

Not if we can help it!

Wood Floor Restoration Co. have been in the business for 20 years and have restored hundreds of floors in domestic and commercial settings. Our staff are qualified in sanding techniques and use of machinery. They are full members of the National Wood Floor Association – NWFA.

As a team, we always strive for an authentic job. A London office building with a 1930s parquet floor had an area of blocks missing. The right replacements were unavailable in the capital, so we called on our national network of reclaimed wood suppliers.

Excellent photos for floor sanding in Floor Sanding London

Suitable blocks came from a demolished mews in Nottingham. As they were twice the required size, we had to cut each one in half by hand. A worthwhile effort, as the company’s staff and visitors now enjoy a beautiful period floor to complement their 21st century glass partitioned offices.

What about those gaps between the boards?

You can leave them or fill them, depending on location and the look you want. Filling is beneficial for ground floor rooms and hallways as this prevents draughts.

In kitchen and bathrooms, it protects against spillage.

What about old carpets?

Wooden floors usually look an awful mess when you pull back the carpet. Yet sanding will remove all traces of dirt, paint and adhesive. Even the unsightly ‘Victorian’ black bitumen disappears after an encounter with our machines.

And if you’d like us to remove and dispose of the carpets, do ask. This is a messy job and carpets are large and heavy. Let us save you that trip to the tip!

I can’t move heavy furniture...

You won’t have to! All furniture does have to be removed as we need a completely clear room to work on. We can do the job for you – and put it back. The last thing you need is for your beautiful new floor to be scraped by the maneouvring of lounge furniture or kitchen appliances.

Isn’t sanding nosiy and dusty?

Sanding will create a degree of disruption and dust. The older-style drum sanders can spread dust that lingers for days. You won’t want a dusty atmosphere to welcome returning family, staff or customers.

Our modern cylinder machines have a unique dust collection system. The collection bags are kept outside the rooms and take 98% of all dust.
We also use dust covers and mask off doors and windows.

How long will my new floor last?

Floor durability depends on the amount of traffic and how well it’s maintained. And of course any assaults from spills, chemicals and pet hairs. As with any item of value, it boils down to how much care you wish to take. Deal with minor damage immediately and undertake regular maintenance and your floor will give you years of service.

With a wooden floor, a little aftercare goes a long way. Just contact us for advice. The job does not end when we pack up and leave you to enjoy your new floor.

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